Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle (Book)




Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle – A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story & Verse – With annotated music (guitar chords), chapter notes, glossary, bibliography and index. First published in 1976, the book is now available from the University of New Mexico Press

While Katie was touring the country as a folk singer, she interviewed cowboy songwriters and researched the roots of traditional cowboy songs. She wrote what has become a classic. “Cowboys taught me more than songs. From them I learned to ride, shoot, hunt, spit ten feet into a stiff wind, to cuss, to live in and love the outdoors, to hate fences and respect rivers. They taught me how to drink whiskey and sing, or, if I wanted to sing real good, to drink whiskey and sing – in that order.” (Katie Lee from her introduction to the book.

“A beautiful job, exact, comprehensive and witty. Should remain a basic history of the subject for many year to come.” – Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire, The Monkey Wrench Gang, et al

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