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Sandstone Seduction – Rivers and Lovers, Canyons and Friends – Foreword by Ellen Meloy (Johnson Books, 2004)

This collection features stories about Katie Lee growing up in the laid back town of Tucson with her cowboy buddies and Mexican border friends; life as a Hollywood actress, wilderness river guide and explorer; and adventures in Baja California, Mexico, Glen Canyon, Alaska, and Jerome, Arizona. “She’s been listening to the water and absorbing its lessons for more than fifty years. She writes with fists to the wall and flesh to that river-cut slickrock… She remembers what it was like to live and breathe before we were entombed in plastic and concrete, greed and speed. [Her book] is rock-hard true to the harsh land and sun-bitten people of the Southwest” – from the foreword by Ellen Meloy.


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