Glen Canyon Betrayed (Book)




Glen Canyon Betrayed – A Sensuous Elegy – Foreword by Terry Tempest Williams. A new edition of All My Rivers Are Gone, with new cover, additional photos, index and Afterword. (Fretwater Press, 2006)

The first of a trilogy on Glen Canyon. This one celebrates the beauty of the Glen and the magical trips down river that Katie took with photographer Tad Nichols and river guide Frank Wright – what Katie called the ‘we three trips’. “Katie Lee has given us an elegiac song of Glen Canyon… In so many ways, this is a woman who embodies the power and tenacious beauty of the Colorado Plateau. Her spitfire intelligence and redrock resolve provides us with an individual conscience that we would do well to adopt. Katie Lee is a joyful raconteur, a woman with grit, grace and humor. She is not afraid to laugh and tease, cajole and flirt, cuss, rant, howl, sing and cry. Katie Lee is the desert’s lover. Her voice is a torch in the wilderness.” – from the foreword by Terry Tempest Williams.

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