Fenced! (CD)




– Katydid Books & Music – 1978

Some of the best songs I’ve ever sung. Lonesome, sad-happy-funny songs, so Western you can hear the chaps flap. These cowboy-western folksongs were recorded in my living room, with the help of one guitarist, David Holt, and one river rat, Lew Steiger on harmonica. Most of the songs were written by my two favorite songwriters – Tim Henderson and Tom Russell, and a couple by me.

Fenced!Song titles

Rayburn Crane
Billy le Croix
Ridin’ Down the Canyon
Maria Consuelo Arroyo
Gallo de Cielo

Wreck-the-Nation Bureau Song
The Giants Once Among Us
Bert Loper
Old San Antonio Road
Suburban Cowboy

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