Songs of Couch and Consultation (CD)


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– Commentary Records – 1957
I can’t believe that this was the second album I made, complete with a huge band and several fabulous musicians. (I’m a folksinger, after all – this spoof on psychoanalysis is more like musical comedy!) The album became a cult success, aided by the extraction of the track “It Must Be Psychological” that appeared in a worldwide commercial campaign for Lynx deodorant.

It was done in Hollywood in two sessions with Bob Thompson arranger and director; Bud Freeman, now with his own label wrote the lyrics, and Leon Pober, the music. In those days the famous musicians were under contract to the big companies like Victor, Decca, Columbia, and weren’t supposed to be playing for others; but many of them worked on the side as studio musicians. As long as their names did not appear on the record jacket it was cool. Our heady crew included Andrew Previn & Joe (‘Fingers’) Car on Piano; Howie Roberts on guitar; Red Callender and Red Mitchell on base; Shelly Mann on drums; Leroy Vinegar, and another big name I can’t remember on sax. I know one of the musicians was June Christy’s husband at the time. I play guitar on “Hush Little Sibling” and “Gunslinger.”

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