Ballad Of Gutless Ditch (Book)




Ballad Of Gutless Ditch(Katydid Books and Music, 2010)

Katie’s free-verse Western adventure is set in Gutless Ditch, a Western mining town of the late 1800’s. It stars the handsome lawyer Matt Kinkade; Potrero, Matt’s ornery black stallion; Danielle, the petite schoolmarm who captivates Matt with charm and beauty, only to suddenly disappear; and “Mat-a-low,” a child with big round eyes who magically appears nine years later in a bewitching glade outside of town. There are as many provocative and captivating twists through love, lust, betrayal and redemption as the sinuous canyons of the great Southwest canyons that Katie has explored and written so evocatively about. Its inspired mystical ending is as unexpected as it is entrancing.

Robin Anderson, nationally renowned artist from Jerome, Arizona, has illustrated the book with twelve remarkable etchings.

The Ballad of Gutless Ditch is a very finely designed, limited edition of 500, numbered and signed by author and illustrator. Once the edition is sold out, no other editions will be published.

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