Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle (CD)

– Katydid Books & Records – 1977

Twenty-eight traditional cowboy songs from my book of the same name, recorded at Mickey Hart’s Grateful Dead recording studio in Novato, CA., with Travis and Earl Edmonson who drove there with me. David Holt, with guitar, joined us on a few songs. The sessions lasted nearly a week. Included is a booklet of complete program notes from the original double LP record.


Ten Thousand Goddam CattleSong titles

The Town of Old Dolores
The Western Plains
Dobe Bill
The Rustler
La Firolera
El Corrido de Bartolo Negro
The Sierry Petes
Spanish Is the Loving Tongue
Jose Cuervo
Roundup Lullaby
My Homestead
Waring of Sonora Town
Boomer Johnson

The Last Wagon
The South Coast
The Trusty Lariat
Little Joe the Wrangler’s Sister Nell
Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle
Deep Water, Ice and Snow
Empty Cot in the Bunkhouse
My Blue Heaven
The Night I Stole Ol’ Sammy
Morgan’s Gin
Old Arizona
The Ballad of Alfred Packer
The Santa Fe Trail
A Cowboy’s Prayer



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