Songs of Couch and Consultation (CD)


Songs of Couch and Consultation – (CD)
– Katydid Books and Music

Combines three of Katie Lee’s earliest albums into one: Spicy Songs for Cool Knights, a folk album, Songs of Couch and Consultation and Bed of Neuroses, the latter two song spoofs of psychobabble.




Songs of Couch and ConsultationsSong titles

Shrinker Man
The Will To Fail
The Guilty Rag
Stay As Sick As You Are
Hush Little Sibling
Real Sick Sounds
Repressed Hostility Blues
I Can’t Get Adjusted To The You Who Got Adjusted To Me
Schizophrenic Moon
Properly Loved
Gunslinger (A Ballad For Adult Westerns)
It Must Be Something Psychological
Life Is Just A Bed Of Neuroses
Case History (‘A’ Loves ‘B’ Loves ‘C’)
Why Johnny Why
Love That Man

Mental Blocks
Be Miserable
The Ballad For Group Therapy
We Must Adjust
The Insecure Tango
When I Was A Little Girl
The Get Well March
My Mother Chose My Husband
(Little Willie Found Some Dynamite)
Poor Miss Bailey
(Little Willie And The Cat)
The House Of The Rising Sun
Blow The Candles Out
Lotsa Money
(Little Willie In The Well)
The Frozen Logger
(Little Willie’s Sister Ruth)
Woman, Go Home

Anyone interested in learning more about Katie Lee or obtaining copies of her works can contact the Cline Library Special Collections and Archives at or 928-523-5551.