Maude, Billy & Mr. D (CD)Maude, Billy & Mr. D – A Folk Opera – (CD)
Katydid Books & Music – 1956-1981

In 1956, I read an intriguing Western short story in the Saturday Evening Post, “The Rider on the Pale Stallion”, by Helen Eustis. In 1990, I transformed it into lyrics and music and gave it a different title. I consider it my best work; and performed it many times in concert to a spellbound audience. The rest of the story is told in my blog.

(Read the full story in Katie’s blog here)


Maude, Billy & Mr. D – A Folk OperaSong titles

Mr. D Comes to Town (3 parts)
Maude’s Ride
Mr. D’s Granny
Three Questions
Three Questions Answered

When I First Came to Town (jig)
Twice Around the World & Back
Billy-be-damn & His Forty-Four
Maude Sees the Light
Maude’s Lullaby


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