Loves LIttle Sisters (CD)

– Katydid Books & Records – 1975

A recording of a 45 minute concert show Katie was doing of many great songs about the early American ‘ladies of the night’, including two famous folk blues, “The House of the Rising Sun” and “Sisters of the Cross of Shame.” Some composers, other then herself: Harry Nilsson, Kris Kristofferson, Tom Paxton, Travis Edmonson. Recorded at Mickey Hart’s (Grateful Dead) Studio in Novato, CA


Loves Little SistersSong titles

House of the Rising Sun
Sisters of the Cross of Shame
In a Prominent Bar… one day
Mournin’ Glory Story
Down The Line
Cut Down In Her Prime
Charlotte’s Epitaph

Casey’s Last Ride
Frontier Genealogy
Hermione’s Epitaph
The Flower of Virginia City Fire Company
Piece on the Prairie
The Hooker


Anyone interested in learning more about Katie Lee or obtaining copies of her works can contact the Cline Library Special Collections and Archives at or 928-523-5551.