Glen Canyon River Journeys (CD)


Glen Canyon River Journeys – (CD)
– Katydid Books & Music – 1998

Readings & songs from my book, All My River Are Gone (now reprinted under the title Glen Canyon Betrayed.) Recorded in Jerome by Walter Rapaport, and in Prescott by Lew Steiger.


Glen Canyon River JourneysSong titles

Tucson, 1953 (prose)
Colorado Blue (prose)
Sally (prose)
Around the Campfire (prose)
Song of the Boatman (song)
Smell The River (prose)
Burl Ives (prose)
Two Separate Realities (prose)
Muddy River (Song)
Harmony (prose)
The Old Prospector (prose)
Dam Site (prose)
Ghosts of Old San Juan (song)
Awakening (prose)

Light (prose)
Creation (prose)
The Wreck-the-Nation Bureau (song)
A Spectacular Gift (prose)
Dungeon (prose)
The Crystal Wave (prose)
Last Day (prose)
Through This World (song)
A Holy Place (prose)
Live This Life (song)
Sandstone Shangri-La (prose)
They Crucified My River (song)
After The Dam (prose)
The Giants Among Us (song)

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