Colorado River Songs (CD)


Colorado River Songs – (CD)
– Katydid Books & Music – 1998

The old, the very old, and the new river tunes, many of them from the old Folkways Recording, plus a few more. All nineteen of them were written by river rats and songwriters. My “Wreck-the-Nation Bureau” is on this CD. I treasure Ed Abbey’s quote from one of his postcards to me: “Anyone who loved the living Colorado River (pre-damnation by the swine who run America) will love these songs by pioneer Glen Canyoneer, Katie Lee).


Colorado River SongsSong titles

Rapid’s Ahead
When the Colorado Rises
Two Little Flies
The Canyoneers
River Lullaby
Kavitatin’ Katie
The Drinking Song
Muddy River
Song of the Boatman

Poor Colly Raddy
The Tale of the Tickaboo
The Hippopotomi
Ghosts of the Old San Juan
Wreck-the-Nation Bureau Song
Through This World
Rusty Old Red River
Bert Loper
Shining River
The Giants One Among Us

Anyone interested in learning more about Katie Lee or obtaining copies of her works can contact the Cline Library Special Collections and Archives at or 928-523-5551.