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Ten thousand Goddam Cattle (Book)Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle – A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story & Verse – With annotated music (guitar chords), chapter notes, glossary, bibliography and index. First published in 1976, the book is now available from the University of New Mexico Press.

While Katie was touring the country as a folk singer, she interviewed cowboy songwriters and researched the roots of traditional cowboy songs. She wrote what has become a classic. “Cowboys taught me more than songs. From them I learned to ride, shoot, hunt, spit ten feet into a stiff wind, to cuss, to live in and love the outdoors, to hate fences and respect rivers. They taught me how to drink whiskey and sing, or, if I wanted to sing real good, to drink whiskey and sing – in that order.” – Katie Lee from her introduction to the book.
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Glen Canyon Betrayed (Book)Glen Canyon Betrayed – A Sensuous Elegy – Foreword by Terry Tempest Williams. A new edition of All My Rivers Are Gone with new cover, photos, and the additions of an Afterword and Index. Fretwater Press, 2006

The book is the first of a trilogy on Glen Canyon. This one celebrates the beauty of the Glen and the magical boating trips that Katie took with photographer Tad Nichols and river guide Frank Wright – what Katie called the ‘we three trips’. “Katie Lee has given us an elegiac song of Glen Canyon… In so many ways, this is a woman who embodies the power and tenacious beauty of the Colorado Plateau. Her spitfire intelligence and redrock resolve provides us with an individual conscience that we would do well to adopt. Katie Lee is a joyful raconteur, a woman with grit, grace and humor.She is not afraid to laugh and tease, cajole and flirt, cuss, rant, howl, sing and cry. Katie Lee is the desert’s lover. Her voice is a torch in the wilderness.” – from the foreword by Terry Tempest Williams.
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Sandstone Seduction (Book)Sandstone Seduction – Rivers and Lovers, Canyons and Friends – Foreword by Ellen Meloy. Johnson Books, 2004.

This collection features stories about Katie Lee growing up in the laid back town of Tucson with her cowboy buddies and Mexican border friends; life as a Hollywood actress, wilderness river guide and explorer; and adventures in Baja California, Mexico, Glen Canyon, Alaska, and Jerome, Arizona. “She’s been listening to the water and absorbing its lessons for more than fifty years. She writes with fists to the wall and flesh to that river-cut slickrock… She remembers what it was like to live and breathe before we were entombed in plastic and concrete, greed and speed. [Her book] is rock-hard true to the harsh land and sun-bitten people of the Southwest.” – from the foreword by Ellen Meloy.
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Ghosts of Dandy Crossing (Book)The Ghosts of Dandy Crossing. – Dream Garden Press, 2014.

In this book, the last of a trilogy about the lost Eden in Glen Canyon, Katie describes the people that lived at Dandy Crossing (a ferry crossing on the old Colorado River between Hite Village and White Canyon, about three miles downstream from what is now Hite Marina) and her relationships with them. The filling of Reservoir Powell is about to irrevocably change their lives. The book is a triple love story: Katie’s love of the beauty of Glen Canyon, her affair with a cowboy miner, and her love of the characters that once lived there.
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Ballad Of Gutless Ditch – (Katydid Books and Music, 2010

Katie’s free-verse Western adventure is set in Gutless Ditch, a Western mining town of the late 1800’s. It stars the handsome lawyer Matt Kinkade; Potrero, Matt’s ornery black stallion; Danielle, the petite schoolmarm who captivates Matt with charm and beauty, only to suddenly disappear; and “Mat-a-low,” a child with big round eyes who magically appears nine years later in a bewitching glade outside of town. There are as many provocative and captivating twists through love, lust, betrayal and redemption as the sinuous canyons of the great Southwest canyons that Katie has explored and written so evocatively about. Its inspired mystical ending is as unexpected as it is entrancing.
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Periodicals & Anthologies
Katie’s words, photographs, songs and poems have appeared in:
Arizona Highways; Mountain Gazette; Canyon Country Zephyr; City Magazine; American Whitewater Journal; Wild Earth; Boatman’s Quarterly Review; The Waiting List; Arizona Historical Quarterly; Hidden Passage – A Glen Canyon Institute Quarterly; and Inside/Outside Magazine.

Her essays, music, stories and various chapters from her books are included in:

* Arizona Highways, March 2015: “She Knows Dam Well,” by Kathy Montgomery

* Land That We Love, Ed. Barry Scholl, a USDA Publication for the Olympics 2002, Salt Lake City.

* Grand Canyon Women, Betty Leavengood, Pruett Publishing Co., Boulder, CO.

* When In Doubt, Go Higher, Ed. M. John Fayhee, Mt. Sports Press, Boulder, CO.

* Sisters of the Earth, Ed. Lorraine Anderson, Vintage Press, New York, NY.

* Hell’s Half Mile, Ed. Michael Engelhard, Breakaway Books, Moab, UT.

* Images of a Lost World, Tad Nichols, Museum of New Mexico Press.

* Levis & Lace-Arizona Women Who Made History, Jan Cleree, Rio Nuevo Publishers.

* Voices of the American West, Corrine Platt & Meredith Ogilby, Fulcrum Press.

* Nature’s Restoration – People and Places on the Front Lines of Conservation, Peter Friederici, Island Press.

* The Glen Canyon Country, Don Fowler, Univ. of Utah Press, is dedicated to Katie Lee.

* Take Back Conservation, Dave Foreman, Raven’s Eye Press, is dedicated to Katie Lee

* Final Light – The Life & Art of Douglas V. Snow, Ed. Frank McEntire, U of U, Press

* Utah Canyon Country Place Names (2 Vol.), Steve Allen, Canyon Country Press, Durango.

* Outdoors In The Southwest – An Adventure Anthology, Ed. Andrew Gulliford, Raven’s Eye Press, Durango.

* Home Sweet Jerome, Diane Sward Rapaport, Johnson Books, Boulder. 2014

* Ken Sleight’s Allies & Accomplices, Jane Sleight & Friends, Pack Creek Ranch, Utah. 2014

* Earth & Eros, A celebration in Words and Photographs, Compiled by Lorraine Anderson,
Photographs by Bruce Hodges, White Cloud Press, Ashland, OR.