“Goodby, Katie!” (for the 2nd time…) — 5 Comments

  1. Very nice Noel – never knew you are such a good writer. The fact that you will be letting all of this go for some reason makes me sad. That will mean that there is really nothing left of Katie here at home. Katie will have been institutionalized, so to speak. I guess that will mean she is locked in and we are locked out.

    Times change, we all come and go, even though most of know that, it can still be hard to accept. I suppose what I miss most, aside from my friend was the removal of “Sing” from the front of the house. It always spoke to me every time I passed the house, said to me “this is Katie’s house” and I always looked to see if I could catch a glimpse of her in the garden, or puttering about.

    There is no singing there now – just the hustle and bustle of time passing by an empty house on a busy street in what was once a “ghost town.”

    Our memories still linger.

    • Thanks, Ric… it makes me sad, too! I will miss the exchange of emails between her admirers almost as much as I miss Katie. Even though she’s been gone for 7 months now, I have enjoyed the tasks of answering her email inquiries, adding new content and, of course, making sales of her work. But hopefully, the Cline Library will honor their commitment to keeping her legacy online. I suppose time will tell!

  2. A few years ago, I emailed Katie because a friend of mine (aged 58 years, same as me) was insisting that he was old. She emailed me back that we were but babies, that she was still riding a bicycle at our age and traveling around the country by herself. She said to get out in nature and see things. She was one of my heroes, and I so regret that I never met her in person.

  3. I fell in love with Katie a couple of years ago. I asked her to marry me and she replied she would, if I was ready to accept the responsibility for her 18 children. What a wonderful lady and I am certain she will be missed by many. p.s. What was the disposition of her remains?

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