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Message from Katie Lee…

“Here is where you will find some essays, articles and sidebars written by me, some published, some not. Seems I’m getting requests from people who want to read more of my stuff, and since I’m not one that produces a book-a-year, this is all I have to offer. Hope you may find among them a few things to enjoy.”—Katie Lee

Afterword from Glen Canyon Betrayed

Forty Years Later “…we must preserve it—not for the beauty, biology or God and country, but so we can always know the place we dream of being, the place we cannot belong. The place for our yearning.”                  Chuck Bowden, author … Continue reading

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Cline Library Interview

My Parents I had great parents, really. I was very, very lucky. I had a dad who was like a kid, always. Taught me how to stay outdoors and taught me how to shoot and hunt when I was old … Continue reading

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Interview with The Kitchen Sisters

The Kitchen Sisters (Davia Nelson & Nikki Silva) produce the NPR series Hidden Kitchens, which explores how communities come together through food. As California residents, they’ve been “watching every year the encroachment and development of the west.” In their two-part … Continue reading

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“Lucky you,” is what the young’uns say to us old farts who knew Glen Canyon before it was sloshed off the maps under Powell Reservoir. After which act of vandalism we were not lucky at all—except for what it gave … Continue reading

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Maude, Billy & Mr.’ D’ – Western Folk Opera

Way back in the mid-fifties, I read a story in the Saturday Evening Post titled, “The Rider on the Pale Stallion”, written by Helen Eustis, an author well regarded back then in the heyday of folk music and folk tales. … Continue reading

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The Story of the Arizona Killer Song

I’d just returned from a gig at Telluride MountainFilm Festival in 2008—where they showed a documentary DVD of my activism; trying to save our Colorado River and restore Glen Canyon—to be zapped back into my past with a force that … Continue reading

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MY first reaction when I think about Chuck these days, or am asked to think about him, is how scared I am for him.  Why he’s still above ground after all his researching, on-the-spot reporting, investigating, and publishing the drug … Continue reading

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THE RIDE Essay originally published in “Sandstone Seduction” (Johnson Books) Published in Mountain Gazette – #78 Re-launch Issue – December 2000 – Breckenridge, CO.   It was the hottest day of the year when I decided to do it. Sure … Continue reading

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Snail Mail Magpie

Snail Mail Magpie          They don’t fly very well. Or maybe I mean they fly awkwardly compared to other birds their size; more like a glide-skip-plop than a zoom-bank-settle. To some people who live around them they’re a damn nuisance … Continue reading

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Dear Mom

DEAR MOM… [Published – The Zephyr – Oct/Nov –2001] There was an Old Woman who lived in a shoe She had so many children she didn’t know what to do. She fed them some broth without any bread And whipped … Continue reading

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