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Media Highlights

Katie has been interviewed on radio, including National Public Radio (NPR), and featured in TV shows, including Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), and independent film documentaries.

* DamNation, award-winning film that Katie with D. Holbrookexamines how dam removal has moved beyond the fictional Monkey Wrench Gang to mainstream conversations, 2014 - Interview with Katie at DamNation website.

* Wrenched - documentary about the community of activists that were inspired by the work of Edward Abbey, who wrote so eloquently about preserving the lonesome and beautiful places of the Southwest, 2014. "Wrenched" website

* The Dirtbag Diaries, Podcast, campfire stories, 2014. Listen to podcast

* The 50-cent Interview with NPR host Alex Chadwick at Mountain Film 2010 in Telluride. Watch the video-the 50-cent interview

* The Arizona Collection, People and Places that Shaped Our History, PBS, 2008.

* The Goldwater Lecture Series, KAET-TV, Phoenix, AZ, 2008.

* Northern Arizona University, Cline Library, 2008 video interview with Katie Lee by Bonnie Roos and Peter Runge. Very good info (and some of the only available on Katie's family and pre-career life). The archive includes "Abbey Speaks", the video interviews that Katie Lee put together at Pack Creek Ranch as a memorial to Edward Abbey. View the Oral history interview with Katie Lee [with transcript], July 7, 2008.

* Drowning River - an award-winning short documentary by ML Lincoln Films, 2007.
"Drowning River" website

* The Kitchen Sisters, NPR, "Cry Me A River" Interviews with pioneer river runners, including Katie Lee and Ken Sleight, 2007. The Kitchen Sisters audio interview

* Glen Canyon Remembered, DVD, W.L. Rusho, Tower Productions, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2006.

* Troubled Waters - The Dilemma of Dams by documentary filmmakers Beth and George Gage, which won the Ecological Award, at the Telluride film festival 2001. (gageandgageproductions.com)

* River Runners of the Grand Canyon, Don Briggs Films, 1999. (www.donbriggsfilms.com)

* Glen Canyon - A Dam, Water & The West, Univ. of Utah public television, KUED 7, 1999. View photos from the episode

* NPR Morning Edition interview with Rene Montagne, 1999. Listen to the interviewKatie and Renee Montagne

* The Dilemma of Grand Canyon: The Ecosystem Paradox (Japanese TV), 1999.

* Naked Planet, Wall-To-Wall TV Series (Britain), 1999.

* Ken Verdoia Series: Utah Conversations, David Brower and Katie Lee, 1999, KUED.

* The Open Road, PBS series produced by Hal Cannon, 1998.

* Ghost Town, BBC Radio Show, where Katie talks about her famous bicycle ride through Jerome, AZ (Listen to audio clip)Katie on her bike

* Mein Amerika, w/Claus Kleber (TV Germany), 1998.

* Cadillac Desert, Mark Reisner's PBS Video Series. Section 2: July 1997.

* Studs Terkel Interviews with Katie Lee, 1954 (with Josh White), 1955 and 1993. WFMT FM, Chicago, IL The interviews are being digitized and will be available for free: http://www.chicagomag.com/arts-culture/October-2014/Studs-Terkel-Gets-Digitized/

* MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour, PBS, 1984.

* Portrait of America TV series by Hal Holbrook, 1984.

Newspaper and magazines have written countless articles about Katie Lee. Here are a few highlights.

"The Starlet's Passion" by Leo Banks, Tucson Weekly, 1999. link to full interview

"Katie Lee: Authentic Country Western - A Real Cowboy Lady", by Diane Sward Rapaport, SingOut, August/Sept/Oct 1992.

"Katie Lee: The Songbird of the Great Southwest", by Ernie Bulow - Read the interview

Interview, The Canyon Country Zephyr, October - November, 2002 Issue

Interview with Katie Lee in Boatman's Quarterly Review, winter 1996-1997 - Read the interview


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CINE Award

Cine Golden Eagle Award, 1972 (Council of International Non-theatrical Events) for her documentary, The Last Wagon.  It was chosen to represent the USA in international motion picture events.

David Brower Award

David Brower Award - 2001, for "Outstanding Environmental Activism."

Culture Keepers Award

Culture Treasure Keepers of Canyon Country Award, 2012.

Ward Roylance Powell Award

Ward Roylance Award, for Commitment to Arts and Outdoor Education, Entrada Institute, 2003.

Clark Powell Lifetime Achievement Award

Lawrence Clark Powell Lifetime Achievement Award, 2005.


Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall Of Fame - Induction, 2011.
Town of Jerome, Arizona: Certificate of Commendation and Recognition - 2011

MountainFilm Directors Award

MountainFilm Festival Director's Award - 2014

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