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Award winning... Colorado River, Glen Canyon and cowboy history folksinger, author, photographer, videographer and wilderness activist, adventurer, friend... These are all words that may describe aspects of this woman, but they do not begin to define who she is.

Knowing Katie is like knowing her river... you have to spend some time and pay attention along the way.

Don Miller of Severson Dells Nature Center wrote a compimenatry essay entitled "Wilderness Within". You may read his writing by clicking here.

Su Lum is a longtime local who wishes she had seen the Glen Canyon. Her column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times. She recently wrote an arcile about Katie. You may read her writing by clicking here.

Katie Lee receives Mountainfilm in Telluride's 2014 Festival Director's Award

Thought you all would enjoy this letter from David Holbrooke, Director of Mountainfilm Telluride explaining, after I asked him, why he gave me the Director's Award. (Katie won Mountainfilm's 2014 Director Award, (May 26, 2014)

Dearest Katie -

SO sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you on this but I have been filming in Europe for the film on my father and traveling nonstop since I last saw you pretty much. I am on a plane back to the States and finally had a chance to respond.

So the reason I chose you for the Festival Director's Award is only partly because of your wonderful bottom, which you bared so beautifully in our galleries but really more because you are such a badass. Your clear and steadfast resoluteness in speaking out about what you see as environmental injustices is a well-needed tonic for our times but also a real and true inspiration for the many young folk who will need to do the same if we are ever going to turn the tide of the madness.

It also seemed the right thing to do as you were such a huge presence at the festival this year, featured in not one but two films that I think will stand the test of time and affect people's belief system in deep ways. And the photos that you let us exhibit were a treat for our audience and I love that they sold so well.

Of course, there was also a clear theme this year of older guests who had come to Telluride but all of them - the lovely Frank and Jeanne Moore or the Amazing Randi - had never been before but you are an old (so to speak) friend of the festival and that you come back each year - and come with spunk and grit - is a testament to your indefatigability and to me, a sign that we are doing something right at Mountainfilm.

Thanks for being such a big part of Mountainfilm and I hope this helps explain why I made this decision. Once I figured it out, it was really quite easy. You're simply the best.

Lots of love,


Katie Lee's Newest Work...

Dandy Crossing

"The Ghosts of Dandy Crossing", Katie Lee's newest book, is a love story that takes place at one of the famous places that was drowned by Lake Powell and the characters whose lives would irrevocably change. The book is a triple love story: the affair between Katie and the cowboy/miner; the characters that lived in Dandy Crossing before the river rose to drown it; and, the love of the beauty of Glen Canyon that would soon be drowned.

Now available in Katie's Store (Click Here)

Review of "The Ghosts of Dandy Crossing" by Elias Butler in the June 19-25, 2014 issue of Flag Live. (Click HERE to view PDF of the review.)
Flag Live Review

Photos of Katie in Glen Canyon

Katie Lee in Glen Canyon

Photographs of Katie in her beloved Glen Canyon by photographer Martin D. Koehler are now available for sale.

In Katie's own words, "The body in these photographs is thirty-seven years old - one that has been hiking freely and in tune with nature for at least half of those years. When I met Glen Canyon it was love at first sight - a place far from the inbred taboos of our society - closer to a dreamland than to reality. I have never posed as a model and am not doing so here... only doing what I always did in Glen Canyon - climbing, dancing, walking, touching, talking to the stone, swimming in the river, lying in the shallows, sliding down the falls, crawling through ruins, inching up crevasses, hanging from tree limbs, covering myself with mud, playing, singing, living with the canyon. I can always tell when a model is photographed in a place she's never seen or experienced before; it's in body language that can't be hidden."

You may view and purchase these photos online at Hance

NEW - "The Grand Dame of Dam Busting"

Hi Katie,

This is Matt Stoecker, co-producer and underwater photographer for the film DamNation. I'm sad I missed meeting you when Ben and Travis interviewed you. I just wanted to follow up on this great email Beda forwarded to say how thankful I am to you for all you do and for being the heart and soul of our film. Every time we show it, folks come up after and are just in awe of you and teary eyed about what happened to Glen Canyon. Your description, humor, and pure joy while immersed in that beautify place is inspiring a lot of people to take up the sledgehammer and get ready for battle.

We just showed the film in DC to an amazing sold out crowd, won an award, and met with dozens of folks on The Hill. Even among the entrenched agencies and advisors, there seems to be a growing awareness (and younger blood) that is realizing we need to ramp up efforts to restore free flowing rivers.

Many thanks for your decades of passionate work and inspiration!

Looking forward to meeting you at 5 Point Film Festival.


Katie Lee is featured in "DamNation," a documentary film produced by Patagonia and Stoecker Ecological in conjunction with Felt Soul Media. You may read the interview here. You may also view the trailer and learn more about the film here.

Katie Lee's
Newest and Wildest Western Saga

Ballad of Gutless Ditch

Katie's free-verse Western adventure is set in Gutless Ditch, a Western mining town of the late 1800's. It stars the handsome lawyer Matt Kinkade; Potrero, Matt's ornery black stallion; Danielle, the petite schoolmarm who captivates Matt with charm and beauty, only to suddenly disappear; and "Mat-a-low," a child with big round eyes who magically appears nine years later in a bewitching glade outside of town. There are as many provocative and captivating twists through love, lust, betrayal and redemption as the sinuous canyons of the great Southwest canyons that Katie has explored and written so evocatively about. Its inspired mystical ending is as unexpected as it is entrancing.

Robin Anderson, nationally renowned artist from Jerome, Arizona, has illustrated the book with twelve remarkable etchings.

The Ballad of Gutless Ditch is a very finely designed, limited edition of 500, numbered and signed by author and illustrator. Once the edition is sold out, no other editions will be published.

For a preview of some of the pages, click HERE.

(You will be presented a new page that looks like this:
Ballad of Gutless Ditch
Controls to turn the pages are at the bottom & magnification controls are at the top of the page. To return to this page just close the new page.)

Price: $50.00 + $5.00 Shipping & Handling = $55.00 by Personal Check or Money Order to:
Katie Lee, PO Box 395, Jerome, AZ. 86331.

Online Credit Card Orders HERE.

SPECIAL NOTICE for previous orders - If you ordered this book at the original price, you are entitled to a FREE copy of the audio version!
You must let us know if you are interested in this offer by sending us an email.

Be sure to check out Katie's schedule HERE!


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Interview with Katie Lee at Mountain Film 2010 in Telluride
with Alex Chadwick

Interview with Katie Lee at Mountain Film in Telluride
with Alex chadwick

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Katie's Newest Release!
First Time on CD!
Songs of Couch and consultation

24 songs from the albums
"Songs Of Couch And Consultation"
"Life Is Just A Bed Of Neurosis"
11 songs from
"Spicy Songs for Cool knights"!

Songs of Couch and Consultation
Complete with a 24 page, full color booklet including photos, historical notes and credits.
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Enjoy your visit!

This is the official Katie Lee web site. There are numerous articles about Katie on the Internet and there are references to her many endeavors but this site is the one she authorized. If you want to know about Katie Lee, this is the place to start.

Is it her complete story? Not yet! Her story is still in the making.

You may find a little about her life as well as her music and books. You will find her schedule of appearances. You will even find a store where you can purchase some of her creations.

To be sure, what you will find here is a good beginning to a fascinating adventure. Much like taking your first river trip.

To quote Katie,

"...So until you've run it two or three or four times, I don't see how you can have an affinity with that place. You may be terrified, you may remember it all your life, but that's only part of what rivers are about to me. It's the intimacy that brings the experience into focus.

See, rivers to me - life is a river to me. And if I'm going to be on that river, by God I have to check out what's going on, with me, and with total observation, finding out who I am, what the river is, what the side canyons are, what's in the rock - all that. I have to know about that, or I don't know about me, and I sure don't know about the river..."

So, enjoy your visit and come back often.

New Feature...
Click Here for a Flash presentation of the The Cline Library's new exhibit celebrating the life and living legacy of outspoken environmental activist, author, and folksinger Katie Lee.

Katie now has a page with links to her Press Kit documents HERE.

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